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After I survived my stroke (TIA) in April 2019, I listened to my body for once and signed up at the gym soon. This also went relatively well for quite a while.






Unfortunately I found excuses to get lazy or to eat unhealthy again, everything hangs crooked again. So I would have liked to be 92 kilos or less again and a fat percentage of only 12% ... But it came just as it had to come: First it became more and more stressful in the job and then Corona was added... I would have to start over again now.


Your basal metabolic rate can be calculated on the Internet on various sites ... with my data came out around the 2,200 kcal ... To lose weight still deducted about 200 -> 2000 kcal / day ... 2 grams of protein per kg body weight ~ 200 gram protein / day ... 200 x 4,1 kcal = 820 kcal ... 2000 - 820 = 1.180 kcal rest 120g carbohydrates = 492 kcal -> 688 kcal rest... => ~ 73g fat (73g x 9 kcal = 657 kcal)