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Even as a child, I was fascinated by the devices that operated with flash cubes at that time, which the adults used to capture moments. Of course, I didn't had my own device yet. In addition, my brother once had an SLR camera and at some point there was a Polaroid instant picture in the house - so my interest in photography had also grown.




When the devices became more compact and more favorable, the flash was already integrated and durably usable, I got one or two films for "tent camp of the Pathfinders" or for the "family vacation" (24er or 36er roles).




But, even when I bought my first digital compact camera as a teenager, it was still a "snap". After the first bad purchase of a 640x420px camera at first, a Kodak DX3900 was on sale at Globus then. This camera accompanied me for quite a while and I had even bought attachments for macro and telephoto for it.




On 25th July 2008, around noon :P, I had then bought a Konica Minolta Dynax 5D [DSLR] (in a photo store in Arnstadt - see photo). But unfortunately still (clueless) snapped in A (automatic) mode. Nevertheless, the photos were already a very different experience compared to the photos from the compact cameras.




In 2010, a fellow student convinced me to buy a Canon 1000D and I sold my Minolta equipment. This fellow student also showed me a few first rules of thumb for photography in manual mode and got me more involved with the matter.

2021 I am currently trying to sell my Canon equipment, as I have acquired a Sony bridge camera (RX10M4).
The Canon has a 10 MP resolutions. Although the 1000D still gave me good service, I wanted to set up something more compact and yet as possible not worse. So far I like the RX10M4 very much.



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