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Above are the most recent photos and an avatar that describes me particularly well from the time at 1&1. I'm 37, born in Rhineland-Palatinate but in my childhood I had to move to Thuringia with my parents. After my 12th grade I got my graduation "Fachhochschulreife / Fachabitur" (FOS/IT - Fachoberschule Informationstechnik) which entitles me to study at a "university" (Fachhochschule) of applied sciences and I moved back to Rhineland-Palatinate (Zweibrücken) and studied at FH-Kaiserslautern. And except for one slip to Karlsruhe and one to Heidelberg, I stayed here. Following - for general amusement or to increase the recognition value, times still older photos of me:




Study-Time, stand in the pillory, apprenticeship (2008), 20th may 2006 FEDCON XV, 1&1, dark.. :'D